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Diversity Services

Diversity is here. The face of Canada is rapidly changing. The visible minority population--13.4 per cent of our population in 2001--has grown five times faster than Canada s total population . Nearly three-quarters of all newcomers to Canada are visible minorities. And these minorities are poorly represented in executive positions and on boards of directors.

Canada is aging. In 1980, the median age of Canadians was 29 years, and by 2000, it was 37. Canada shares this phenomenon with most developed nations, all aging at the same rate, meaning that the international competition for talent will intensify.

Visible minorities, as they increase and prosper, have significant spending power. In 2001, the disposable income of employed working-age visible minority group members in Canada was estimated at $78 billion. Visible minorities represent approximately 39 percent of the consumer market in Vancouver , 48 percent in Toronto and 20 per cent in Montreal . This buying power is increasing as minorities grow in numbers and in economic successes.

To succeed today, businesses must consider diversity strategically in three interlocking areas: employees, suppliers, and customers. Koltermann Consulting will work with your company to develop comprehensive diversity strategies for your workforce and supplier base and create effective communication strategies to gain recognition in the marketplace.



As your customer base becomes more diverse, your workforce must also become diverse. A diverse workforce provides fresh viewpoints and creativity that translate to a competitive advantage in a diverse marketplace. Koltermann Consulting can assist you in recruiting , retaining, and mentoring a diverse workforce that reflects the diversity of your customer base.



To succeed in an increasingly diverse marketplace, your company should not only increase its workforce diversity, but ensure that your supply base is an inclusive vendor pool that reflects your diverse customer base. Koltermann Consulting uses a proven process to help you optimize your supply base, increase your pool of qualified diversity suppliers, and improve the competitiveness and efficiency of those minority suppliers .



To remain competitive with an increasingly diverse customer base, your company must communicate its commitment to diversity and its marketing to minority customers. Koltermann Consulting can help you develop and tell your diversity story to attract minority consumers.


Recruitment Strategies

You have no doubt approached your recruitment programs like most companies do. Which is fine, if you want to be as successful at attracting talent as the average company.

But if you want to excel, you need a better strategy.

We build that strategy. One that not only will make you the employer preferred by top talent , but the employer that can measure its return on investment and an employer able to measure and manage cost per hire.

How do we do this?

  1. We research your company and your industry.
  2. We review your current recruitment approach .
  3. Drawing on our years of recruitment experience, extensive and creative problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking, we craft a recruitment strategy aligned with your business strategy, and one that distinguishes you from your competition in the employment market.
  4. We establish metrics benchmarks, to measure the success of your new recruiting program, to monitor its on-going effectiveness, and to fine-tune it for greater success.

What is a Recruitment Strategy?

Most people think recruiting means placing an ad and screening the responses. Others think it's a matter of finding the right search firm. We think recruiting begins even before you have a position to fill. A sound recruitment strategy entails the following components:

•  Employment branding

•  It's a marketing challenge
•  It's about knowing how the market views you as an employer
•  It's about creating awareness campaigns to enhance the market's perception of you
•  It's about word of mouth
•  Which means it's about how you treat your current employees

• Pro-active campaigns

•  Find the desirable candidates who are not in the market (they will not find you, you must find them)

• Sourcing strategies

•  Where to find the best candidates for specific positions
•  What is the best way to approach those candidates to secure a positive response

• Process

•  Effective recruiting requires a tested, streamlined process
•  It is efficient and cost effective
•  It ensures prompt and courteous treatment of all candidates (word of mouth can work for you or it can work against you)
•  We help you respond quickly to short-term, narrow windows of opportunity


Staffing Solutions

Payroll Service Managed Solutions

We provide a managed payroll service to clients who have identified the talent they want to hire but do not want to bring the talent on to their own payroll system. The reasons vary:

•  Assignment is short term in its duration
•  Internal headcount freeze prevents new hiring initiatives
•  Independent contractor will provide the required services
•  Insufficient internal human resources to process multiple new hires

We work with our clients to customize the hiring process for their organization. We detail and document the client's exacting standards to ensure all requirements are met. The process may include:

•  Completion of an employment application
•  Reference and education verification
•  Security clearance processing
•  Drug and or background checks (where permitted and required)
•  Position and work site orientation
•  Managed distribution of badges, security passes,
•  Self-employment status inquiry measured to Revenue Canada and IRS approval guidelines
•  Maintain independent contractor audit file to include: articles of incorporation, provincial/state license documentation, tax ID number, GST number, statement of work, client references
•  Execution of confidentiality agreements

Our services are designed to reduce the administrative burden to our client. Additionally, our HR experts are available to coach and guide clients through the challenging task of engaging independent contractors or 1099 workers.

For clients with a large population of independent contractors we offer a web based solution to manage the engagement activities. This asp offering manages all aspects of the independent contractor engagement process from initial risk assessment to compliance, statement of work, billing and on-going audit verification.


Coaching and Mentoring


We coach men and women through transition. We help you shed the mental clutter and focus on next steps. Using the Kolbe A Index, a self assessment tool which measures your instinctive method of operations which allows you to be most productive and satisfied, we help you to better understand your natural style and to choose methodologies and pathways that are natural to your personal and career growth. Our services will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize your contributions and satisfactions in your current environment. We are practical in helping you navigate the world to work through your transition issues. We do this by structured one-on-one sessions which get to the heart of problems, issues, concerns, and challenges. Once these are identified, we work with you to set goals and work with you to accomplish those goals. Identifying personal, organizational, or societal barriers and realities enables us to help you overcome them.

We help you to become a more fulfilled and productive member of the community in which you live and work. Self-actualization is a lifelong journey. We are here to help you through your most challenging transitions.


We work with your organization to create a coaching and mentoring culture. We do this by training your leaders on how to become effective coaches and mentors of emerging leaders and talents. We utilize the Kolbe B Index to measure the demands of the position and compare the results to the team member's Kolbe A index. This comparison will help you as the employer to gain insights into how you can leverage the talents of the individual team members. Structured one on one coaching and mentoring sessions can be the best key to increasing employee engagement and productivity.